The Dreaded Return of Feathers McGraw

Netflix’s Animated Extravaganza – Feathers McGraw Leads the Pack

The Dreaded Return of Feathers McGraw

Hide your children and lock your doors. One of the most infamous villains in animation history has broken free. Feathers McGraw, the malevolent Antarctic bird renowned for commandeering Wallace’s Techno Pants to execute a heist, is on the loose once more.

A Feathery Menace Resurfaces

Returning to the scene of his notorious crime, Feathers seizes a new opportunity in the forthcoming short story, Revenge of the Poultry. Wallace, ever the industrious inventor, unveils his latest creation—the Smart Lawn Gnome. Soon, these mechanical marvels could adorn every lawn across Britain, creating an army of potential minions for Feathers! Only Gromit stands in his way. Will he thwart this avian anarchist in time? Revenge of the Poultry is set to land on Netflix this winter, promising high-flying excitement and peril.

Netflix’s Animated Extravaganza

The reemergence of Feathers McGraw headlines a spectacular array of animated projects in Netflix’s recent sizzle reel, marking a major highlight among a trove of upcoming delights.

Upcoming Highlights:

  • The Sandy Cheeks Movie: Scheduled for an August 2nd release, this film kicks off a series of character-centric SpongeBob spin-offs, with Plankton: The Movie slated for 2025, eventually bestowing cinematic spotlights on every supporting character.
  • Motel Transylvania: The next chapter in the beloved Hotel Transylvania series. Drac and Mavis downsize to a modest motel setting in this new series set for a 2025 debut. (The Hotel Transylvania saga already boasts a TV series, by the way.)
  • K-Pop Demon Hunter: A chic, superhero series featuring animation reminiscent of Spider-Verse. Arriving in 2025, it blends K-pop flair with demon-slaying exploits.
  • Spellbound: The latest animated gem from Skydance, potential future owners of Paramount. Featuring Nicole Kidman, John Lithgow, and Titus Burgess, and helmed by John Lasseter, this film may be one of the last Netflix releases from Skydance, given their shifting allegiances.
  • Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft: With Harley Atwell lending her voice to Lara Croft, this adaptation breathes fresh life into the iconic adventurer, set for an October release.
  • Exploding Kittens: The famed card game leaps to the screen, though how it translates remains a tantalizing mystery. Expect explosive antics this summer.

Other Exciting Previews

Additional tantalizing clips include glimpses from Zack Snyder’s epic saga Twilight of the Gods, an enigmatic title Wolf King, a new CG rendition of Ultraman arriving next week, and the eagerly anticipated ARCANE SEASON TWO! Fireworks galore accompany this thrilling announcement. To catch all the action, watch the full sizzle reel below.

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What is the storyline of Revenge of the Poultry?

Revenge of the Poultry follows Feathers McGraw’s return to wreak havoc, as he sees an opportunity with Wallace’s latest invention, the Smart Lawn Gnome. Gromit must intervene to stop his nefarious plans.

When will Revenge of the Poultry be released on Netflix?

Revenge of the Poultry is expected to premiere on Netflix this winter.

What are some other animated projects mentioned in the Netflix sizzle reel?

Other projects include The Sandy Cheeks Movie, Motel Transylvania, K-Pop Demon Hunter, Spellbound, Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft, and Exploding Kittens, among others.

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