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One Piece Chapter #1115: Joyboy’s Silhouette Unveiled


Joyboy’s powers appear analogous to those of the Five Elders, hinting at a shadowy connection in One Piece’s lore. Both Joyboy and the Elders wield awakened Devil Fruit abilities, potentially making them immortal warriors. Speculation abounds that Joyboy may not be the hero he is often depicted as, possibly having ties to the Elders.

After a long wait, One Piece Manga finally divulged more about Joyboy, Luffy’s spiritual predecessor. In chapter #1115, Eiichiro Oda, the creator, reveals the silhouette of this legendary figure during a skirmish against the ancient world government.

The newly unveiled details about Joyboy suggest striking resemblances to the current villains, the Five Sages. Historically, Joyboy exhibited similar powers to these global rulers. Notably, Joyboy also awakened the Devil Fruit, a feat seemingly mirrored by the Five Sages.

Joyboy’s True Identity

Joyboy’s identity is One Piece’s most significant revelation since Gear 5. This development could be the most momentous in the series since Luffy’s awakening.

Parallels Between Joyboy and the Five Elders

Joyboy’s abilities needed to match the potency of his adversaries. Despite their infrequent appearances, the Five Elders have proven to be among the most formidable fighters in the series. Their Devil Fruit powers allow them to transform into fearsome mythical creatures and enhance their strength, agility, and durability. The black, spiky clouds around their necks are telltale signs of awakened Zoan-type Devil Fruits, seen in Luffy, who consumed the same Devil Fruit as Joyboy.

Although all Devil Fruits can be awakened, only the Zoan-type ones manifest the Cloud Scarf, reminiscent of the hagoromo scarf worn by several deities and celestial maidens in Japanese Buddhism.

The similarities between Joyboy and the Five Elders extend further. As one of the few beings capable of challenging the nascent World Government, Joyboy’s power level likely matched that of the Five Elders. It is plausible that his Devil Fruit operated similarly, as only a comparably powerful entity could contend with them.

Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation, derived from the same Devil Fruit Joyboy consumed, seems ineffective against the Five Elders. Joyboy would not have survived the Void Century War using Luffy’s abilities alone. Another parallel is their seeming immortality. Joyboy played a key role in the Hundred Year War, a feat impossible for a normal human. The Five Elders also exhibit abilities that prevent aging and enable endless regeneration.

Joyboy’s Moral Ambiguity

Joyboy might have been as flawed as the Elders. Vegapunk expressed uncertainty about Joyboy’s heroism. While recounting the Battle of the Void Century, Vegapunk refrained from defending either side, citing limited information from the Poneglyphs. This neutrality suggests deeper implications. Although celebrated as a freedom fighter, Joyboy was still an outlaw, bound only by his own moral code.

Like many characters in the series, Joyboy may have committed morally ambiguous acts. For instance, Vegapunk implied that ancient weapons used in the Void Century caused widespread flooding. He did not specify which side deployed these tools. The World Government possesses Uranus, but Vegapunk mentioned weapons in the plural, indicating Joyboy might have used one.

Throughout One Piece, Oda has consistently surprised fans. While much of this remains speculative, it is possible that Joyboy will not emerge as the hero he was thought to be, or the story may reveal an unexpected connection between him and the Five Elders.

One Piece Overview

One Piece Chapter #1115: Joyboy's Silhouette Unveiled
One Piece Chapter #1115: Joyboy's Silhouette Unveiled 4

Created by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece is a multimedia franchise originating as a manga series that chronicles the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, led by Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy, an adventurous pirate, possesses mysterious powers that protect him and his friends. The manga’s success led to an anime adaptation, with both becoming some of the longest-running series in history. The franchise expanded to include over fifty video games and ventured into live-action with Netflix’s 2023 adaptation.

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